Multi-Ply NC Cutting Machine
Cutting width: 1,300mm/1,600mm/1,800mm/2,000mm/2,200mm
Cutting length: 1,700mm/2,160mm/2,730mm
Cutting thickness: 33mm/55mm/80mm
Cutting method: Reciprocating knife

NC Cutting Machine (Fixed-Type Cutting Surface)
Cutting width: 1,000mm/1,180mm/1,600mm/1,800mm
Cutting length: 880mm (extendable in 912mm increments)
Cutting thickness: Drag knife: 1 piece(1mm)
Reciprocating knife: 10mm/Ultrasonic knife: 20mm

NC Cutting Machine (Conveyor-Type Cutting Surface)
Cutting width: 1,300mm/1,600mm
Cutting length: 2,730mm
Cutting thickness: Drag knife: 1piece(1mm)
Reciprocating knife: 10mm/
Ultrasonic knife: 20mm

Single – Ply NC Cutting Machine For Leather
Cutting width: 1,600mm/2,700mm
Cutting length: 3,200mm
Cutting thickness: Single hide (half-hide)/Single hide (half- or full-hide)
Cutting method: Circular knife (clearance through raising and lowering)

Single Ply Cutting Machine
Cutting width: 1,000mm/1,600mm/2,000mm
Cutting length: 1,800mm
Cutting thickness: 1 piece
Cutting method: Circular knife, notch cutter

General Features of P-CAM

  • Suction Inverter controlled blower. Automatic pressure control.
  • Origin positioning 2-point teaching method (fabric angle compensation). Laser marker positioning.
  • Stop motion Stop unit activation (see below), cutting area over, servo alarm, cutter (blade knife) life, fabric bulge detection†, grindstone unit inspection† († For reciprocating knife use only)
  • Stop units Emergency stop switch at all 4 corners. Pause switch and collision detection bar on Y-beam.
  • Interface Touch-sensitive display panel. Menu-interactive using touch or stylus.



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